Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Questions

1.) What are your strengths, and what could you improve upon?: My strengths in photography are editing photos and adding borders. I'm good at knowing filters and when something is too much or too little. My weaknesses are things that involve more steps that you have to remember. For example the gif unit was really hard for me because there were so many confusing (at least to me) steps. Also I'm not good at knowing my computer so sometimes it was hard to find some of the buttons.

2. ) How have you grown as an artist/ photographer this semester?: I started off in photo 1 and I basically thought photography was about finding the coolest things to take a picture of. And with strong filters, the pictures would pop out more and be more creative. Throughout Photo 1 and Photo 2 I began to learn that the best pictures to take are the ones that tell a story or have a certain emotion. And sometimes no filter makes the picture even more beautiful.

3.) What was your favorite project and why?: My favorite project was the Golden Hour one, because it gave you a chance to get out of your house and capture different images. Also because it gave people a chance to realize how beautiful sunlight and rays are. The sun made the picture lively.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Photo Essay

All luggage prepared before the big San Francisco trip.
William Shakespeare's "hotel" welcomes us with open arms as we make our way town after town. 
Hotel Del Sol was the first landmark we visited (stayed in) as we arrived to our destination: San Francisco. Instead of choosing one of the richer hotels of course we had to stay in a 50's themed one.
The Golden Gate Bridge awaits, standing tall as we drive down the highway. Of course we had to visit such a beauty. 
WARNING: This is not Askaban, it's only Alcatraz, a prison for the mentally deranged. It's no longer in use so we could safely view as we passed through downtown San Francisco.
This sign truly shows that we've arrived in San Francisco.
A confused look from my dad means we don't know where we are, which makes sense when you are strolling through China Town.
Another landmark of San Francisco is the trolley, which was first established in the 1800's. Of course we had to ride it!
A picture of the beautiful view as we continued to explore through the town.
The Oregon sign was a hard picture to take (it took over 20 minutes) but was worth it as the ending to my photo essay completes, leaving San Fran behind.